Zug is the Best

We have been happy in Zug for half a century and know every corner of our city.
In this section we share a few secrets and useful tips with you.

Our first tip:
A trip to the enclave of Zuger Alpli

Situated high up in the mountains, there is a place with a legendary historic background. Apparently the people from Zug only became the owner of the Zuger Alpli as they outfoxed the people from Ägeri, that’s at least what the people tell - and the owner of the restaurant won't tell you anything else.

The restaurant is located below the Wildspitz, the highest mountain in the canton of Zug. Away from the crowd and surrounded by meadows and woods, the place is known as a little haven for recreation.

The large outdoor restaurant invites for a wonderful hiking or biking tour , or even a little drive with the car into the nature. The younger guests can also enjoy the big outdoor playground.

The cozy atmosphere of the Zuger Apli invites to spend a few hours together and relax.
Since there is no electricity at the restaurant,, some traditional lamps run by gas give the restaurant its final special touch . The dining room has a seating capacity of about 55 places.

The host Claude Zimmermann with his Alpli-Team will be very happy about your visit.

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Our second tip:
Worth a trip throughout the year: the Zugerberg

At a height of almost 1000 m the Zugerberg forms the mountain ridge between the lakes of Zug and Ägeri. The ZBB, the Zugerberg railway, takes you easily and directly from the outskirts of Zug to this wonderful natural landscape at any time of the year.

For more than 100 years we Zug inhabitants have been using this little railway to take us to our best loved and closest recreation area.

Whether hiking, cycling, Nordic walking, tobogganing or cross country and downhill skiing in winter ... or simply letting your mind wander whilst you enjoy the fantastic view to the foothills of the Alps ... or grilling the ubiquitous cervelat – Switzerland's obligatory barbeque sausage – at one of the many barbeque fires ... our local mountain has something for everyone.

And we are not backward in culinary matters either. Numerous restaurants offer local specialties, from "Pfaffenbodenknüffel" to different cordon bleu dishes to the classic cheese fondue – all in a unique ambiance.

So, the next time you are in our area, take our little train to the top of the mountain – you won't regret it.

And our Zugerberg is also easily accessible by wheelchair and baby-stroller.

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Our third tip:
A boat trip on the lake of Ägeri

Located in a hilly moraine landscape the lake of Ägeri offers a wide range of leisure activities. In 1315, the battle between the Confederates and the Habsburgs also took place on its banks in Morgarten.

Today it is more peaceful around the lake of Ägeri. Within short distance from Zug, the lake of Ägeri can be easily reached by train, bus or car. Staying at Ägerisee should be combined with a boat trip. The operating fleet at the lake of Ägeri consists of three small ships which stop at different stations around the lake. Regular course runs are operated between May and October in addition to special trips such as brunches on the boat or exploring events for children.

During the summer the clear water invites everybody for a swim, for example at the public beaches in Oberägeri or Unterägeri. Also gourmets do not miss out. Various fish restaurants around the lake serve local and fresh fish. In addition, there are many opportunities for a rest and an enjoyable view around the lake. There are also many routes for hikers and bikers in the valley.

In winter the lake reveals its mystical side! The main boat is also operated during the cold months and special events are offered! Experience the winter atmosphere on the lake at a unforgettable fondue or new years eve trip!

Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere around the lake of Ägeri.

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Our forth tip:
Höllgrotten caves – an enchanting subterranean world

In the wildly romantic "Lorzentobel" in Baar it is possible to go down into the unique, enchanting subterranean world of the Höllgrotten Caves. Impressive small lakes, stalagmites and stalactites are waiting to be seen.

The 6000-year-old Höllgrotten caves are presented in a whole new light since the summer of 2012. The cave walk has been re-arranged and runs now top down, making it less pysically demanding for visitors and revealing a previously unsee side of the caves. Thanks to cutting-edge LED lighting, visitors can explore the fully array of shapes and colours in these natural rock formations for the first time. You'll be amazed!

Once a month during April and October you are able to enjoy Nada Brahma's Höllgrotten-Crystal-sound-experience. A unique sound-experience in a charming environment where sounds unfold from rocks and crystals. Immerse yourself in the world of spherical sounds and experience the natural way of this force field.

The Höllgrotten caves in Baar are open from 25 March until 31 October.

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