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We have been engaged in a constructive dialogue with government authorities, public offices, law offices, legal specialists and others for many years.

BRAG is a member of the international association of INAA. INAA is an international association of independent accounting firms whose prime purpose is to assist businesses with cross-border accounting and taxation issues.

INAA Group

If you are looking for trustworthy competencies, then you should pay attention to the initials TREUHAND | SUISSE. The Swiss Trustees' Association is composed of trustees who, as professional, trustworthy and entrepreneurial generalists, stand alongside their clients.


Treuhand | Suisse

EXPERTsuisse, the specialist association for auditing, taxes and fiduciary, trains, supports and represents its Swiss certified experts. EXPERTsuisse has been honouring its responsibility in the areas of the economy, society and politics for more than 90 years. 



As part of a cooperation programme between fiduciary companies and auditors, BRAG is a co-founder of the audit company SRG Schweizerische Revisionsgesellschaft AG. The objective of this company is to provide top-quality ordinary audit services on a cross-regional basis and to intensify the exploitation of and continue to develop the available audit know-how among the affiliated partners.



Picatrex Treuhand AG was established through the collaboration of auditors, fiduciaries and tax experts in Zurich and Zug with international contacts, who work in the traditional SME segment. Collaboration within Picatrex gives our clients access to additional valuable contacts in Switzerland and abroad.



Our sister company CONTRAST Revision AG, Zug, which has the same owners as BRAG, specialises in audits and business advisory services.



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Accounting and Auditing Ltd.

Comptabilité et Revision SA

Bundesstrasse 3


CH-6302 Zug

T +41 41 729 51 00

F +41 41 729 51 29

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Zug railway station
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