Our promise since 1962 – Professional services on the basis of experience, trust, loyalty and performance.

BRAG was founded on 31 October 1962 in Zug by the Attorney Dr. Alfons Wissmann, Mr Karl Ried and Mr Rene Wehrli. In the beginning the company was run by two employees: Hans Annen and Bruno Besmer, a little later Urs Schnieper joined the firm. It was not long after the foundation when Hans Annen became the main shareholder of the firm, replacing the previous owners.

As milestones in the development of our services throughout the past years are considered a RUF accounting machine in which an accounting sheet had to be inserted and secured for each booking and when in the beginning of the 80's the first computer, an IBM 36, totally changed the world of service delivery. The first server acquired was almost the size of a full room, and the price of half a million Swiss francs was also remarkable. The server had to be hoisted by use of a pneumatic crane in the old office building at Neugasse 29. When a disk got damaged back then, it luckily could be replaced through an already used one from Hamburg at the "bargain price" of CHF 16,000. The disk had a capacity of around 260 MB.

Our company can look back to a track book of very loyal employees, such as the mentioned Hans Annen, Bruno Besmer and Urs Schnieper. By the end of the 90s, BRAG included around 10 team members. Today, we can proudly rely on a loyal, skilled and motivated team of around 20 employees.

In the course of the anniversary year 2012, we have realised a complete company rebranding: we want to be perceived not only as a fresh and dynamic service provider, but also as an active and committed business partner. Have a look around on our rebranded webpage. You will not only find information about our services, but also one or two recommendations in and around our beautiful region of Zug.

The last highlight in the history of BRAG is the 50th company anniversary which was celebrated at the Casino in Zug on 31 October 2012. Around 400 guests consisting of current and former customers, government representatives and business partners demonstrated the successful networking and recognition of our company in central Switzerland as professional service provider.

With all this in mind, we are confident that our promise also builds a sound and well appreciated basis for our success in the future – well beyond our 50th company anniversary.

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Trust – the secure basis for our actions.
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